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Benefits for Approved Center Members

As a member of the Center for Children’s Healthy Lifestyles & Nutrition (Full, Associate or Affiliate), you are eligible for certain supports and opportunities. These may include those listed below; please let us know if you would like more information.

  • Noon meetings – The Center offers meetings over the noon hour several times per month. Some of these meetings are didactic and include visiting speakers or journal club presentations. Others are more discussion based, focused on preparing for an upcoming scientific meeting or preparing for an upcoming grant deadline. As a Center member you will automatically be notified of these events.
  • Annual CHLN Grants – Once a year the Center will call for proposals related to healthy lifestyles & nutrition, with funding typically around $30,000, and one grant per year. As a Center member you will automatically be notified when these grants are announced.
  • Space – Would you like a tour of the Center? Or, would you like to perhaps use space here for your program or project? There is a space request form on the website – simply fill that out and we can show you around and see if we can meet your needs.
  • GRA scientific support – Are you writing a paper or grant related to our mission and need some help from a qualified Graduate Research Assistant? The Center employs two GRAs per year to help support cross-site KUMC/CMH research, focused on papers, conference submissions and grants.
  • Activity Monitor Loan Program – We have a small number of ActiTrac activity monitors, chargers, belts, as well as compatible software. We are happy to loan these to you for CHLN related projects that qualify.
  • Video cameras – We have two digital video cameras, charges, cases, and tripods that you may use for CHLN related projects that qualify.
  • Endnote formatting – Are you submitting a CHLN related paper or chapter with authors from KUMC and CMH? If so, we may be able to provide you with support for your bibliography using Endnote.
  • Student registration support – Do you have a student who will be working with you on your Center-related work? If so, we are happy to help you get the student officially in the system at KUMC or CMH, including getting them a badge, email, keys, access to the EMR, etc. depending upon your research needs.
  • GRA Travel – The Center will fund up to 10 $500 awards per fiscal year to support travel for Graduate Research Assistants to present scholarly presentations at regional, national or international conferences.
  • IRB help – Do you need help with your Center-related IRB submission at KUMC and/or CMH? If so, we have two wonderful Clinical Trials Coordinators who can assist you with your submission.