A highlight of the CHLN advocacy circle in 2019 was the development of a strategic plan. The three main strategic goals include increasing access to weight management services; increasing the effectiveness of health care professionals’ delivery of weight management services; and increasing awareness of public/community agencies regarding weight management.

At the institutional level, center members continued work with the Severe Pediatric Obesity Task Force and aided in the administration of a weight bias survey following last year’s online educational module on weight bias. Center members were also actively involved in the hospital’s Employee Wellness Committee and assisted in maintenance of the hospital’s Healthy Hospital Food Commitment during transition to a new food service vendor. Dr. Amy Beck served on the Council on Violence Prevention’s Youth Peer Violence workgroup and several hospital diversity and inclusion workgroups. At the local level, Dr. Jordan Carlson wrote letters to city officials regarding the importance of safe opportunities for biking to health. Shelly Summar served as a co-director of the alumni design team for the Health Forward Foundation’s Healthy Communities Leadership Academy. Dr. Beck served on the professional advisory board for ADHDKC.

On the state level, Shelly Summar became president of the Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Drs. Sarah Hampl and Meredith Dreyer Gillette and Karen Stephens were involved in the MO Healthy Weight Advisory Committee. Drs. Sarah Hampl and Meredith Dreyer Gillette, Emily Meissen-Sebelius and Shelly Summar remained members of the Missouri Council for Activity Nutrition (MOCAN), and were members, chair or co-chair of several MOCAN workgroups.

Nationally, Dr. Ann Davis was an ad hoc member of a National Institute of Nursing Research study section and served in 2019 as the past president of the Society of Pediatric Psychology. She gave two presentations at the Nebraska Healthy Kids Summit and co-authored an invited commentary for Translational Behavioral Medicine. Shelly Summar was the continuing professional education newsletter editor for the Weight Management Dietetic Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Drs. Sarah Hampl and Meredith Dreyer Gillette continued to advocate with statewide colleagues on refining the draft of the childhood obesity benefit for MO HealthNet and began work on a 5-year CDC Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration grant involving piloting delivery of this benefit in urban and rural primary care settings. Dr. Hampl also began her service as chair of the childhood obesity Clinical Practice Guideline writing group for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dr. Sarah Hampl